Carpet, Tile, or Wood flooring in the bedrooms ?

What do you like better in a bedroom ?

Hardwood, with area rugs

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16 Responses to “ Carpet, Tile, or Wood flooring in the bedrooms ? ”

  1. karen w says:

    I like carpet as it is warmer in the winter
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  2. ktskins says:

    Wood. Very easy to clean for "accidental" messes from children.
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  3. boonietech says:

    Hardwood, with area rugs
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  4. valeri says:

    Well if its for a kid you should use wood cuz kids spill stuff easily, but if its for anyone else you should have carpet, unless your clumsy! lol Anyways never have tile in a bedroom. Tile is for you kitchen and bathroom!
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    me i myself

  5. larry g says:

    give it to Karen, she hit the nail on the head
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  6. cekcek1 says:

    Tile- no mold or mildew
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  7. Cat girl says:

    I would say carpet because it is soft and looks good in rooms and if you have kids or fall off the bed you can land on something soft.
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    Personal Experiance!

  8. summer time Mom says:

    nice blond color wood floors
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  9. succubus.angel says:

    Vinyl tiles, Looks great and looks like tiles! yet wont give u the cold feeling rather a warm and easy to clean and slap on a rug underneath the bed for that modern look.
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  10. J P says:

    I would go with Wood Flooring for the bedroom. It gives off and awesome feel & your not tied down to any certian room decor. You could just about find any bedroom suit that would match it.
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  11. intensitymargie says:

    Wood is wonderful because it adds richness to any room. If you want extra flare and style ( not to mention warmth to the floor), add an area rug. Wood is a life- time improvement to any home, carpet doesn’t add value.
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  12. isis says:

    Carpet for bedroom…tile or wood everywhere else.
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  13. mschvs_65 says:

    Hi. I sell Real Estate. You definitely do NOT want tile in the bedroom, nor laminate wood. Most people really hate tile or laminate in the bedroom, so re-sale is tough. Real wood or Carpet is best.

    Wood is beautiful, but shows lots of dust so you can expect to ‘swiffer" alot. You also have to be careful about scratching it with furniture. Also, it is cold in the winter and hard on your feet. Wood has good resale value if it is installed correctly. It can be tough to fix if something happens (scatch, burn, wet spot).

    Carpet is warmest and much less expensive than wood. You can probably replace it twice for what the wood will cost. Carpet wont hurt your resale value, and will help it if it is still in good condition. Plus, as I said it is warmer and more comfortable.

    You don’t mention if you have children. Carpet is much easier on, and more comfortable for children, especially in the very young years when they crawl or play on the floor a lot. You also don’t mention pets. Dogs can scratch wood with their nails, and ruin it’s beauty and value. If you have a large dog and choose carpet, choose carefully. Their nails can get caught on berbers and cause a "run".

    I personally prefer carpet in the bedroom, because I hate getting out of bed and having my feet touch something cold. Plus now that I’m older the hard floors hurt my arches. (I’m 40). The bottom line is what YOU really like and what fits your lifestyle. If you choose wood, then I would put down a very comfy large rug and some runners for cushion and to help catch dirt. If you choose carpet, don’t go with a plush. Frieze’s wear very well and are pretty comfy. They are an excellent choice and are coming in a large variety of colors now. A good flooring dealer will ask you about your lifestyle and recommend a good flooring type for you if you go in and ask.
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  14. Betty H says:

    Personal and practical questions must be decided first.
    1. Do you live in an apartment or single dwelling? If you live in an apartment with someone below you, carpet will be the best to avoid complaints about noise.
    2. Do you have allergies? Babies, toddlers in the house? Pets? Carpet is one of the biggest culprits for allergies.
    3. Cleanup is easiest with tile, wood, or laminate. Pets and children, parties, can do a job on carpet.
    4. Cost is less in the long run with tile, wood, or laminate.
    I’ve had carpet, tile, wood, and laminate. Those are some of the factors, but the decision is really yours. If you really prefer one over the over, you’ll be willing to overlook the negatives to enjoy what pleases YOU the most. Best of luck.
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  15. p h says:

    Wood flooring. Easier to keep and does not ause allergic reactions
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  16. dkwkbmn says:

    Carpet. It is warmer, more comfortable. It also absorbs sound so no one outside the bedroom can hear echos of whatever is going on in there.
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