What type of kitchen flooring is most desirable for home buyers…wood laminate, tile, or vinyl (linoleum)?

We are renovating a 95-year-old home to sell. The kitchen cabinets will be medium oak with light yellow paint on the walls. Adjoining dining room will be carpeted and adjoining bathroom is ceramic tile floor.

Ceramic tile, but go with a neutral color that would be pleasing to everyone.

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10 Responses to “ What type of kitchen flooring is most desirable for home buyers…wood laminate, tile, or vinyl (linoleum)? ”

  1. georgiany511 says:

    Ceramic tile, but go with a neutral color that would be pleasing to everyone.
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  2. sndsnw says:

    some thing easy to clean…lino…hard wood. As tile floors are cold and no mercy on the dishes
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  3. footlessant says:

    I would want tile in my home any type of vinyl flooring gets scuffed to easy, wool or purgo type floor will not stand up to water (good chance there will be unseen spills)
    there for tile is the best choice and it looks great too.
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  4. jasonwilsonokc says:

    In keeping with the idea of a home that age it would commonly have wooden floors. I would recommend wood laminate flooring as a flooring choice. It would also be better than tile in the fact that you are going to be going over a stem-wall foundation and will be easier and faster to lay down. With tile you would need to put down backer board first. Also linoleum is just not considered to be a quality flooring.
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  5. Dustin says:

    Ceramic tile is a little more expensive, but will last forever. It is easy to clean and looks great.

    Wood and laminate looks great, but if it gets wet, it will swell the wood and pop the finish off of the laminate.

    Vinyl is cheap and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet…It is also easily replaced down the road.
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  6. wageslave says:

    For me as a buyer, I would say definitely tile.

    Once, I remodelled my condo with tile etc., it sold in 4 weeks.

    It is much easier to keep clean and looks nicer and it more durable and more versatile in the type of designs you can use.

    Also, I would definitely use a good grout sealer and a darker color for the grout (would hide any dirt better)

    The best of all worlds in my humble opinion.
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  7. lamb343733 says:

    wood its great
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  8. abbietessie says:

    If you are doing the work yourself you may want to look at some of the new laminate products that mimic a tile floor although they are a little more difficult to install as the grout lines need to line up, tile is always a nice durable floor but not as easy to clean as you may think depending on the type of tile and the grout.
    The other thing to consider is the value of the property and how much you can sell it for, in a high dollar neighborhood you may want to go with the very best materials as you will get the investment back but if it is not in a higher end area you may want to look at your return on investment.
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  9. Laura says:

    I’ve had vinyl, tile, and wood floors in kitchens and wood floors are by far my favorite. They are easy on the legs and knees because they have some "give" (if you stand a lot in your kitchen, this is a real plus). They are easy to maintain and clean (just water with a little white vinegar to keep them clean). They also have a warm, homey feel that is appropriate for an older home. A plate dropped on a wood floor doesn’t shatter into a thousand shards as it does on a tile floor. I’ve also found that tile tends to crack and the grout can change color and be difficult to clean. Vinyl can be easy on the legs, but cushioned vinyl also tends to rip or dent, particularly if you walk on it in high heels.
    Hardwood floors also add to the value of your home, unlike vinyl.

    I’ve had my hardwood floors in my kitchen for 15 years and you couldn’t pay me enough to replace them with laminate, vinyl, or tile.
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  10. arvava says:

    IMO, I wouldn’t do wood floors with wood cabinets. Too much of one thing, like people who wear jeans with a jean jacket.
    I’d do tile.
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