Interior painting-how do you remove smell from cigarette smoke from previous owners on latex walls?

Moved into a condo previously owned by smokers. How do you remove the odor before you begin to re-paint the interior?

pine-sol will do thr trick

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9 Responses to “ Interior painting-how do you remove smell from cigarette smoke from previous owners on latex walls? ”

  1. littlerileygirl says:

    pine-sol will do thr trick
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  2. tonalc1 says:

    Scrub it with TSP, then paint it with a sealer.
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  3. Amber E says:

    Wash the walls with a pretty good cleaner. Then paint over it. If you are really worried about the smell or stains coming through, prime it with KILZ 2 first. Most of the time the smoke smell is out of the walls just from paint–but it lingers like mad in carpets, drapes, and other porous surfaces.
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  4. anjelinarobinson says:

    I would just clean all the walls first with bleach and soap to get the nicotine coating off the walls and then paint over them. If you have carpet you might want to clean it at least twice to get the smell out. Smokers stink!
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  5. old dude says:

    When you do your painting ensure your first coat is with KILZ primer for latex. It would also help if you had your A/C duct work cleaned professionally.
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  6. manwithstamina says:

    new carpet/wash walls with TSP/seal with Shellac/paint
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  7. triviatm says:

    Clean them as best you can, then prime it all with a stain/odor blocking primer like Kilz. Don’t forget the ceiling! Also, carpeting and drapery will have to be removed, right down to bare floors. There’s no real way to remove the smell from fabric permanently.
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  8. deltazeta_mary says:

    Borax and water solution. Borax is a natural product and is not toxic to the environment. It cleans, deodorizes and disinfects. It can cause irritation so wear gloves while washing the walls. Give the walls a few days to air dry and then paint. It is also much cheaper than any chemical cleaner that is toxic to the environment. Here’s an added bonus…Borax also repels roaches and other bugs. You can usually find borax in the laundry aisle at the grocery. Also, open the windows on pretty days to allow the house to air out. And rip out any and all carpet and replace with new.
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  9. rmisbach says:

    tsp and bleach. or tsp substitute and bleach. if you do not want to play with something that harsh try krud kutter. after you wash you must rinse and let dry prior to painting. scrub the walls with a black scrubbing pad
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